Issue 16 and Volume 1885 15.

CITY & VICINITY HEADLONG PRECIPITATION OF TEN FIREMEN. The firemen had a hard time of it on Monday working in the debris of the eight buildings full of workmen that collapsed in Sixty-second street, and at midnight the men of Truck Company No. 4 went back to their quarters after several hours of hard work. Two hours afterward they were roused by an alarm in their district, and in a few seconds they were running a race with Engine Company No. 54 to a fire at 511, 513 and 515 West Forty-second street. When they got there the fire was blazing fiercely. Soon a dozen engines were on the spot, throwing streams of water all through the buildings, and rousing the neighborhood with their noise. The burning buildings were closely surrounded by tenement houses packed with women and children. More than 200 of these rushed from their dwellings half clad,…

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