Issue 24 and Volume 1885 15.

MISCELLANY. THE FIREMEN OF LONDON. The following, translated for THE JOURNAL, is a German account of how applicants for positions in the London Fire Briagde are tested, and other matters pertaining to the firemen of that city: The citizens of London are very proud of their fire brigade. It is true that this pride is partly shared by the majority of large cities, but it can safely be asserted that under the superintendency of the celebrated Captain Shaw, the “Metropolitan Fire Brigade” has attained to a very high grade of perfection. Its engines and otherapparatus are excellent and serve as patterns to other fire brigades, and the rank and file are thoroughly drilled. It numbers 598 men, a proportionately small number, as compared to the gigantic size of England’s metropolis, and in 18S4 there were no less than 2298 conflagrations, in which forty-two persons lost their lives, either by falling…

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