Issue 2 and Volume 1885 16.

MINOR TOPICS WHAT HE GOT BY IT. “Come mighty nigh killin’ a fine buck dis mawnin’,” said an old negro. “Comin”’long through dc woods an’ der ole buck he jump up an bookerty, bookerty he run off a few yards an’ stop still. Come in one er shootin’ him, sah.” “Why didn’t you shoot ?” “Didn’t hab my gun wid me, sah.” “Then how did you come in one of shooting him? ” “Case, sah, I come in one o’ takin’ my gun wid me.” “Why didn’t you take your gun?” “Didn’t hab none, sah.” “You are an old fool.” “Look heah, doan’ ’buse er man dat way when ycr ain’t got no cause. I ain’t got no gun, fur a feller dat I wuz erbout ter buy one frum, axed me jes’ one dollar rao’n I .could pay. So, I come in one o’ gettin’ de gun. Ef I…

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