Issue 4 and Volume 1885 16.

THE CAUSES OF FIRES. THE more generally the public is made familiar with the causes of the numerous fires that lead to such an immense waste of property annually, the better they the circle do not represent the money losses nor the insurance losses by the different causes given, but simply the relation between them in point of frequency of occurrence. After the two great fire causes, viz., incendiarism and defective flues, the remaining causes may be classed in groups of causes, nearly equal numerically. Thus, lightning, matches, sparks from all sources except locomotives, spontaneous combustion and lamp explosions belong to one class; furnaces, friction, forest fires, lamp accidents, fireworks, explosions of varnish and volatile oils, ignitions of paint, grease and oils, ashes, gas jets, cigar stubs and tramps to another, and open fireplaces, oil stoves, defective heatwill be prepared to apply the remedies necessary to prevent them. Never before…

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