Issue 6 and Volume 1885 16.

TOPICS OF THE DAY THE contents of an American hand grenade were recently analyzed by Professor Ador, of the University of Geneva, who found that the fluid, evaporated to dryness, leaves one-third of solid substance, consisting of two ordinary salts, viz., ten per cent of sal ammoniac and twenty-five per cent of table salt. It will be seen by this that the fluid can evolve no carbonic acid, as pretended, but only steam, whereby the dissolved salts are precipitated upon the burning objects, which can possibly afford a protection against the admission of air. As the aforesaid salts are cheap, anyone can fill a bottle with this kind of fluid at the expense of a few cents. ON Tuesday next, the gathering of firemen at Syracuse in attendance upon the annual convention of the State association will begin. The indications are that there will be a big crowd during the…

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