Issue 8 and Volume 1885 16.

The JOKER The key to a good situation is not whiskey. The pretensions of the new English minister must be taken cum grano Salis-bury. The will of a western New York man bequeaths his property to his wife, and to eleven children the munificent sum of five cents each. If Adam had only had the “chipper readiness” to remark, when invited by his spouse to taste the forbidden fruit, “Not this Eve,” we should all be living in Southern Mesopotamia at the present day. Judge—“ Please describe the man you saw taking the prisoner.” Prisoner—“I don’t know how ter do it, yer honor.” “Can’t describe him? Did he look like any of these lawyers? Did he look like me?” ‘ No, yer honor. He looked like an intelligent gentleman.” Wife—” I wish you would get your life insured for $5000, my dear !” Husband—“ I was thinking of getting it…

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