Issue 11 and Volume 1885 16.

TOPICS OF THE DAY AT two o’clock on the morning of September 4, exChief Benedict of Newark, N. J., awoke to find his stable in the rear of his residence afire, and discovered his valuable trotting mare Belle badly burned by flames, evidently started by some miscreant, who had thrown burning oil waste into the stall. After the fire had been subdued by the judicious use of a garden hose, the mare was put to death. Mr. Benedict offers a reward of $100 for the conviction of the perpetrators of the outrage. AN instance of municipal neglect to provide proper fire protective facilities has been brought to conspicuous notice at Carson City, Nevada. On the occasion of a recent fire, according to a local paper, the fire companies made connections with hydrants within a few minutes after the alarm, but there was no water to be obtained. As soon as…

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