Issue 13 and Volume 1885 16.

RANDOM SPARKS The Indianapolis, Ind., firemen are to have new uniforms. Hyde Park, Mass., is calling loudly for a fire alarm telegraph. Meadville, N. Y., is considering the idea of a paid fire department. The salaries of the St. Louis, Mo., firemen amount to $1000 per day. North Andover, Mass., has recently adopted the Berry swinging harness. The parade of the Somerville (N. J.) Fire Department will occur on October 7. The annual parade of the Dunkirk, N. Y., firemen will take place September 28. Steamer Company No. 1 of Manchester, Mass., moved into its new quarters last week. Salem, Mass., is about to establish a new hose company at the Willows, Point Jupiter. The fire alarm poles of the St. Louis (Mo.) Department are to be painted a bright red. The annual Inspection and trial of the Webster (Mass.) Fire Department will occur October 7. Methuen, Mass., wants a…

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