Issue 21 and Volume 1885 16.

MISCELLANY. CAPTAIN SHAW ON MEN AND MATERIALS.* On the continent of Europe the office of the men is magnified, and that of the appliances underrated, while in America a practice diametrically opposite prevails. Here in England—at least in many important cities, and especially in the capital—every effort has been made to give an appropriate importance to each of the component parts of a fire bridage, and the result is that the men are thoroughly trained to the appliances, and the appliances are suited to the work and to the men. All these matters are brought about by the habits and circumstances of the several localities. In Europe large numbers of men are, for many reasons unnecessary to mention, kept always under discipline, and it is an easy matter to use a portion of them for any special purpose, such as that in question, without wholly withdrawing them from the force,…

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