Issue 21 and Volume 1885 16.

THOSE DELUSIVE HAND GRENADES. A hand grenade manufacturing company illustrates its advertisements with a double-column cut representing the interior of a parlor, in the northwest corner of which something is burning. The conflagration evidently did not originate from the fireplace, because that is in the foreground, with the grate empty, neither wood nor coal in it. Hence it may be concluded that a kerosene lamp exploded, or there was spontaneous combustion. At a safe distance from the flames stands a young girl neatly dressed, her blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders like a horse’s tail, and with a look of determination on her manly and intelligent features. She is tall and slim, with an aquiline nose, and has not yet reached the long-dress period. In her left hand she carries a basket containing a number of things that somewhat resemble egg-plants. The engraver slighted his work at this point…

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