Issue 21 and Volume 1885 16.

CAPTAIN SHAW AND AMERICAN FIREMEN. IN other columns of this issue we print an extract from a work entitled “Fires and Fire Brigades,” by Captain Eyre M. Shaw, chief of the London Fire Brigade. The Phoenix Gazette of London has been reproducing portions of this work, and as the extract given in its current issue makes reference to the American system of fire protection, we give place to it. One statement made by Captain Shaw we desire to direct attention to, because it is, if not wholly erroneous, well calculated to mislead anyone seeking accurate information regarding the fire service of this country. He says : “In America the discipline of the old countries is unknown, and the power greater than discipline, that of knowledge and experience, is not allowed to grow, and therefore real training is impossible.” If he had said that the discipline of the London brigade is…

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