Issue 22 and Volume 1885 16.

CITY & VICINITY CI.EAR THF. FIRE ESCAPBS. “Obstructing fire escapes is, of course, against the law,” said one of the engineers of the fire department to a reporter. “There is an ordinance which makes it a punishable offense. But, like many other ordinances, it is disregarded. We know the danger of blocking up fire escapes ; but the persons for whose safety they are constructed seem to disregard the peril. This will be greatly increased when the snow and ice settle on the escapes and fasten these obstructions. Lives will undoubtedly be lost because people will block up fire escapes with tubs, pails, boxes, flower pots and other incumbrances.” “ Why is not the ordinance enforced ?” “ Inspections are regularly made and the escapes cleared, but the stupid tenants block them up again as soon as the fireman’s back is turned. Sometimes the lives of twenty or more families…

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