Issue 6 and Volume 17.

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. (Continued.) We now turn to that part of spontaneous combustion which is of the greatest practical importance, as most fires caused by spontaneous ignition belong to this class; the origin of which is sought in the spontaneous combustion of organic substances through the agency of vegetable or animal oils. One of the first complete papers on the subject was written by Houzeau, a pharmaceutist in Rheims, which was delivered in theform of a paper before the Societe Industrielle de Mühlhouse, a full report of which was published in Dingler’s Polytechnic Journal in the year 1830. In beginning his paper, that author states that the spontaneous combustion of organic substances, which is so extremely interesting scientifically, is of the utmost importance practically. It is remarkable that befbre his time scientists did not pay much attention to the subject, and especially not in inquiring into the causes which produce spontaneous…

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