Issue 9 and Volume 17.

The JOKER Mistress (catching the butler helping himself to a glass of “’34″port) —”James!—I’m surprised—” Mr. James—”So am I, Mu’m! I thought you was out!” A young man whose girl has red hair sang, as he bade her good night a few evenings ago, “Farewell, my love, light of my life, farewell,” and he can’t imagine what makes her so cool now. Little Minnie’s mother had several times whipped her for going out into the street. The other day, as the groceryman was leaving the house, Minnie called to him and said: “ Tome back an’ shut the gate.” “Why?” “ So I can’t get out.” “ Don’t be a fool, my dear,” remonstrated a husband to his wife, who was letting her jaw swing loose in the breeze. “ I won’t, Mr. Jenkins, I won’t,” she answered ; “people wouldn’t know us apart if I did. Me went right…

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