Issue 9 and Volume 17.

MISCELLANY SOMETHING ABOUT BADGES. At the recent meeting of the National Association of Fire Engineers, a badge was adopted for the members. C. G. Braxmar, the well-known manufacturer of badges and medals, received the contract for making the badges, and has now a number made up ready for delivery. The accompanying illustration shows the form and design; it is made of two qualities; the first is of sold gold, hollow back, price $8; the other is flat, polished back, circle in blue enamel, price $10. The name of the member can be engraved upon it at an additional cost of two cents per letter. This makes a very handsome badge and every member should be supplied with one of them. George A. Eaton, manufacturer of gold goods, some time ago, at the request of of the editor of THE JOURNAL, had a die made for the manufacture of a fireman’s…

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