Issue 1 and Volume 18.

MINOR TOPICS IT WAS SHACOB’S TURN. “ Trade must be rushing,” he said, as he halted and pointed to half a dozen boxes of clothing on the sidewalk to be shipped. “ On der contrary,” answered Moses, ” trade vhas worry poor.” “ But you are shipping lots of goods.” “ Oh, dose goods vhas going to my brudder Shacob, in Cincinnati. I got my insurance on shtock two days ago, und now it vhas his turn. Vhen he gets his insurance he ships ’em to Abraham, in Chicago. Trade vhas poor—werry poor.” BASE-BALL ON A MO VING TRAIN. “ Yes, braking is pretty hard work, and we don’t get much fun as wc go ’long,” said a freight brakeman, as his caboose stood by the station waiting for orders ; “but there’s a new craze on among the boys which gives us considerable sport. It is freight train base-ball.”…

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