Issue 2 and Volume 18.

RANDOM SPARKS —Forty-one probationary firemen have been assigned to different companies in New York city. —The Peabody (Mass.) selectmen have elected B. H. Taylor and Lewis Brown forest fire wardens. —Hose Companies Nos. 1 and 2 of Waltham, Mass., are making preparations for a competitive rifle shoot at an early date. —Assistant Engineman John A. Collicott of Engine Company No. 24, Boston, Mass., has resigned, and gone to Franklin, farming. —The Newburgh (N. Y.) Fire Department is adding several new lifesaving nets to its equipment. They are made of tarred hemp and have handles for twenty men. —Chief Rutter of Woonsocket, Mass., recently elected, assembled his entire department in Town Hall on the evening of July 3, in order that he might become well acquainted with the members. —The selectmen of Medway, Mass., have appointed William Calvin, William Creasy and George Ryan, the present board of engineers, as the board…

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