Issue 6 and Volume 18.

RANDOM SPARKS —Wabash, Ind., has contracted for water-works, —The proposed new system of water-works for Belleville, Ont., has been favorably reported upon by the Board of Trade of that city. —The city of Chicago awarded a contract last week for the erection of a new engine-house at Nos. 1326 to 1330 Thirty-thiid street, to cost $9473. —The powerful pumps for the new Chicago fire-boat have reached that city, and it is hoped to have the boat in commission by the middle of August. —The Boston veteran firemen had their annual excursion to Oakland Grove, August 4. They were the guests of the Providence veterans and a grand good time was the result. —The recent terrible conflagration in the city of Berlin started in a roofing-paper factory. The melted resin and oil ran together and formed a burning lake about two feet deep. Besides an old lady, who would not leave…

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