Issue 14 and Volume 18.

MISCELLANY FREQUENCY OF FIRES IN COTTON MILLS. During the last dozen years or so fires in English cotton mills have been very destructive, and the premiums for insurance after several changes now rule so high upon a non-fireproof mill that the yearly charges for such is equal to the interest of one-fourth of its original cost. Thus a non-fireproof mill costing £40,000 will pay for its insurance premium at least £500 a year. Such a large item of cost, which adds not a penny to the value of the yarn produced, would seem to open out a wide field for economy. Cotton mills are in constant danger of taking fire, and few mills escape without at least one outbreak during the year. The causes may be stated as four in number, viz., Iucifer matches, want of oil, careless gas lighting and the spontaneous combustion of oily waste. Of all these…

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