Issue 15 and Volume 18.

TOPICS OF THE DAY CHICAGO firemen evidently do not mean to permit their New York brethren to enjoy a monopoly in the saving of life. The rescue of John Cruver, from a burning building in Chicago last week by Marshal Murphy and Lieutenant Pumphry, was effected by skill, strength and pluck in about equal parts, and was a piece of work which the officials of the department should properly recognize. We reprint in another column the graphic account of the affair given by The Chicago Tribune. WE beg the editor of The Fireman of London to exercise a little more care in his clippings from other papers and not credit THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL with absurdities it never was guilty of uttering or giving place to. It is just as well to be exact in small matters, but make your “scoop” on big ones if you get the chance. We would…

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