Issue 15 and Volume 18.

MEN AND THINGS. Bennington, Vt., has bought a Bangor extension ladder. Baltimore has two new steamers, a La France and a Clapp & Jones. Chief Henry C. Miller of the Hudson (N. Y.) Fire Department says that the Bangor extension ladder used by their department for several years gives entire satisfaction. Chambersburg, Pa., has a new truck and hose carriage made by Rumsey & Co. of Seneca Falls. Both are beautiful pieces of workmanship, and completely equipped with the newest appliances. C. G. Braxmar, the badge manufacturer, of 36 Cortlandt street, New York, is doing a great trade in the handsome statuettes called “The American Fireman.” It makes a beautiful ornament for an engine-house parlor. The Mayor of New Iberia, La., where the big fire occurred recently, has telegraphed the Silsby Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls to send down someone with whom the town can make arrangements for the purchase…

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