Issue 15 and Volume 18.

THE MANAGEMENT OF PETROLEUM LAMPS. In view of the numerous fatal and other accidents caused by petroleum lamps, the Metropolitan Board of Works, London, Eng., have issued the following suggestions as to the construction and management of such lamps, which are founded on recommendations made by Sir Frederick Abel and Boverton Redwood, chemist of the Petroleum Association, after investigating the causes of lamp accidents: That portion of the wick which is in the oil reservoir should be inclosed in tube of thin sheet metal, open at the bottom, or in a cylinder of fine wire gauze, such as is used in miners’ safety lamps (twenty-eight meshes to one inch). The oil reservoir should be of metal, rather than of china or glass. The oil reservoir should have no feeding place nor opening other than the opening into which the upper part of the lamp is screwed. Every lamp should have…

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