Issue 6 and Volume 1887 1.

THE NECESSITY FOR LARGE STREET MAINS WE have taken occasion to point out at various times the utter folly of laying down street mains of limited capacity. In the matter of fire protection, it is all-important, as we have shown heretofore, that there should be a liberal supply of water in the street mains for the use of the engines, in order that an incipient fire may be controlled quickly to prevent an extended conflagration. When water is wanted for fire purposes, there cannot be too much of it. But there is another view of the matter that should be taken by all persons who are charged with the responsibility of supplying the community with water for general purposes. It is ordinarily the purpose, when street mains are to be laid, to provide simply for the domestic supply, and little attention is paid to the other demands that inevitably are…

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