Issue 14 and Volume 1887 1.

FIRES IN FIRE ENGINE HOUSES. ONE evening, about a fortnight ago, the finest fire engine house in the city of Lancaster, Pa., was damaged by fire to the extent of nearly one half its value. The flames broke out in the hay loft, and the members of the company, who at the time were standing about the front door, were first apprised of the fact by a citizen, who had perceived an unusually brilliant light shining through the rear windows of the building. The horses and engine were at once run out, several streams of water were quickly directed upon the fire, and it was eventually quenched, but not without hard work on the part of the department. The origin of this fire has not been discovered, and probably never will be. Chief Engineer Vondersmith of the Lancaster Eire Department believes it to have been caused by incendiaries; others, in…

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