Issue 14 and Volume 1887 1.

WHAT OTHERS SAY. AN ANSWER TO THE V. C.’S QUESTIONS. THE V. C. of Cohoes could not have read Mr. Hague’s article on the different kinds of fire service with any degree of care, else he would not ask such silly questions. 1. Mr. Hague says that “a nozzle 1 1/8-inch in diameter will carry off about all the water that can be safely forced through 1500 feet of regular 2 1/2-inch heavy hose, although the water pressure at the engine will approach 300 pounds to the square inch, while that at the nozzle would probably not exceed forty-five pounds.” This would indicate a loss by friction of seventeen pounds pressure for each 100 feet of hose, while with a 1 jl-inch nozzle the loss, according to Mr. Hague, would be thirty, two pounds. a. The water pressure guage on the Silsby engine is made to indicate from 1 to…

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