Issue 14 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY FLOW OF WATER THROUGH PIPES. DOWNING gives the following formula for the flow of water in a smooth pipe of small and uniform diameter, when the pipe is filled with the flowing water: _ V= 50 h/lxd in which v = the velocity in feet per second. h — head, in feet, equal approximately to 2 1/4 times the pressure in pounds per square inch. I = length of pipe, in feet. d — diameter of pipe, in feet. Therefore, the quantity of water discharged in cubic feet per second, Q = .7854 d2x50 hd/l when the pipe runs under full pressure; or Q= 39.27h / lxd5 The number of cubic feet per minute will, therefore, equal 2356 h/lxd5 and if the diameter of pipe is expressed in inches and termed D, the number of cubic feet discharged per minute will equal 4.72 D5h / l The number of…

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