Issue 15 and Volume 1887 1.

ASSISTANT CHIEF McCABE RESTORED. IN July last, Assistant Chief John McCabe was summarily dismissed from the fire department by Commissioner Purroy for alleged incapacity in the management of a fire that occurred in Harlem on the 5th of July. It will be remembered that this fire was a very extensive one, threatening to become a general conflagration. Chief McCabe was in charge, and while the fire was raging at its utmost, seeming to threaten the destruction of adjoining blocks, he sent in the “ three sixes,” which is a special call for additional apparatus. This took from their quarters most of the engines and trucks lying north of Fourteenth street. Before they arrived at the scene of the fire, however, the conditions had changed, the roofs of the burning buildings having fallen in, and there was no occasion for their use; so they were turned immediately back to their quarters.…

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