Issue 15 and Volume 1887 1.

WHAT OTHERS SAY. MR. HAGUE ON DECK. ALTHOUGH not given to entering into a controversy in the public prints with anonymous correspondents, I am so much pleased with such prompt evidence that most people do look at the water pressure wrong end-to, that I will try and clear away the mist from before our friend “The V. C.’s” eyes. A 1 1/8-inch nozzle under 45 pounds water pressure will deliver about 200 gallons per minute, and on a still day in the autumn, will throw about 120 feet horizontally. Now the friction of this quantity of water through 2 1/2-inch fire hose will be between 16 and 17 pounds per 100 feet of hose, say 16 1/2 pounds. We must have 45 pounds at the nozzle, so reckoning back to the engine 1500 feet, we find that the friction pressure will be 15×16 1/2=247 1/2 pounds; now adding the 45…

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