Issue 16 and Volume 1887 1.

CINDERS AND SPRAY —A fire company has been organized at Rutledge, Pa. —Tullahoma, Tenn., is to have a new water-works system. —Ashland, Neb., has decided to put in water-works at once. —Ishpeming, Mich., has put in an electric fire alarm system. —East Meridian, Tex., has formed a hook and ladder company. —An electric fire alarm system is proposed for East Orange, N. J. —February passed without a single alarm of fire at New London, Conn. —Eustis, Fla., is to have water-works. The Holly system will be adopted. —Columbus, Ga., had in tSS6, twenty-one alarms of fire, causing loss of $10,189. —At Cleveland, O., the contract for water pipe and specials has been awarded to the Lake Shore Foundry of that city, at $29.50 per ton for three-inch to twelve-inch and thirty-inch pipe, and three cents per pound for specials. —Chief Engineer Prowitt of Norwalk, Conn., has returned from his trip…

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