Issue 16 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY. THE FIRE PROTECTION OF PORTLAND, ORE. FROM the report of the fire commissioners of Portland, Ore., for the year 1886, it seems that the fire protection of that city is by no means what it should be. The fire losses last year amounted to $98,146, against $55,405 for 1885, and the commissioners say that the fire department in its appointments is far behind other cities of equal size, and that they need a new Hayes truck and an additional steam fire engine, as the relief engines now on hand are worthless for fire service. They also complain of an insufficient water supply in the northwestern and extreme southwestern portions of the city. It appears, too, that thefire boat has been dropped from service, anent which, and the valuable property along the river front which is thus deprived of much needed protection, the report says : One should visit the…

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