Issue 17 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY. THE EXPLOSIONS OF ONE MONTH. AN extraordinary number of explosions, attended by considerable loss of life and great destruction of properly, occurred from various causes during the month of January. The following list, given by The American Exchange and Review, though not complete, includes most of these reported, and a study of it will be found instructive. It will be noticed that boiler explosions were particularly prevalent, while the details of the explosions of dynamite and gunpowder are also worthy of note. DYNAMITE. January ro. At 8.15 r. M., 144 dynamite cartridges exploded in a wooden shanty in Pniladelphia. The watchman was killed. Much glass was broken in windows for several blocks of the neighborhood, and the report was heard many miles distant, but it is curious that a very short distance south of the location of the casualty the report and vibration were scarcely perceived. There is a…

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