Issue 19 and Volume 1887 1.

FEED-WATER HEATERS. OF all the various appliances for increasing the economy of boilers none is equal in efficiency to the feed water heater, deriving its heat for warming the feed water from exhaust steam, otherwise entirely going to waste. The principle of the feed-water heater is that water of atmospheric or normal temperature is brought in contact with and circulates around metal tubes containing exhaust steam, and so is warmed to the temperature of the steam itself, by the latent heat given out by the condensation of some of this exhaust steam. Or, in some constructions, the water circulates through the pipes, and the exhaust steam surrounds them. The principle of action is the same in both cases, and the extent of heating accomplished depends upon the initial temperature of the steam and water, their respective rates of flow, and the amount of radiating surface in the tubes. Besides the…

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