Issue 21 and Volume 1887 1.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. WE find to our regret that we have been for some weeks using a column head which belonged by right of prior employment to our very highly esteemed contemporary, the Western Fireman of Chicago. While assuring our v. h. e. c. that this was due to mere inadvertence, we tender, with an apology, thanks for the loan, and a small electrotype at cost price. LOURING the past fortnight the fires reported from all parts of the country have been particularly numerous and destructive, and several more villages and towns, which either entirely lacked fire apparatus, or were insufficiently equipped, have paid the penalty of their parsimony or recklessness. Little by little, however, communities are learning the value of the ounce of prevention, as the growing list of new water-works and the busy factories of the fire apparatus makers testify. An especially unfortunate feature of these recent…

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