Issue 22 and Volume 1887 1.

OTHER MUNICIPAL WORKS. —A new jail will be built at Curtis, Neb. —Sioux City, Ia., will build a $20,000 school-house this spring. —Plans have been prepared for a $20,000 brick school building at Moline, Ill. —Baltimore, Md., has appropriated $56,000 for the building of two school-houses. —Improvements in the sewerage system of Cambridge, Mass., are recommended by the city engineer. —A court house costing $75,000 will be erected at Lyons, Kan., and another costing $35,000 in Cloud county in the same State. —A hospital and insane asylum to cost $150,000 will be built at Omaha, Neb. C. P. Needham, county clerk, may give information. — Knglneer tiering of Chicago is now in Newark, N. J., making estimates and preparing plans for a sewerage system in that city. —Cleveland, (O, is discussing a project to build a large sewer through which all the sewage of the city would be discharged into…

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