Issue 23 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY THE CROWN WATER METER. AMONG the water meters entered for the competitive test at Boston is the Crown, manufactured by the National Meter Company of New York. First offered for sale about five years since, it has been already used and adopted by about 400 cities and towns in the United States and Canada and beyond the sea. It is constructed on the positive displacement principle, has only one working part—a hard rubber rolling piston —and, except this piston, is made entirely of a durable, non-corrosive combination of metals. For it is claimed by the makers, accuracy, durability, simplicity, compactness and cheapness. Figure No. 1 shows the meter in perspective, with the index at top and the threads on the inlet and outlet for attachment to the supply and discharge pipes. Figure No. 2 is a view of the hard rubber piston, the only working part, which simply rolls…

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