Issue 23 and Volume 1887 1.

THE PERILS OF OUR WATER FRONT. THE perils to which New York is exposed by reason of the combustible character of the structures that line its water fronts, have provoked much discussion of late, and one of our daily journals, that is mainly devoted to the shipping interests, has published numerous articles and communications upon the subject. The insurance journals have also contributed their words of warning, so if a terrible disaster finds its origin in the flimsy structures that deface our river fronts, it cannot be said that the alarm has not been sounded. For a great metropolis like New York city, the condition of our wharves and piers is outrageously dangerous and disgraceful. This is plainly evident to anybody who has had the chance or sense to inspect the Liverpool dock system, where both docks and warehouses are reminders of such structures as the Equitable Building, as compared…

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