Issue 25 and Volume 1887 1.

CINDERS AND SPRAY —Contractors and municipal officers will find it to their advantage to read the contracting intelligence in FIRE AND WATER every week. More items of interest to city and town authorities will be found in its columns than in any similar class paper published in the country. The subscription is only $3 per year, $1 for four months. —Toledo, O., will purchase a chemical engine. —Macon, Ga., has received its new Hayes truck. —Pleasantville, N. J., is organizing a fire department. —Ware, Mass., has a Button hand fire engine for sale. —The fire losses in Indiana during April were $218,350. —Allegheny City, Pa., will purchase a new fire alarm bell. —Chicago had 556 fires during the first three months of 1887. _Greenfield, Mass., has appropriated $2250 for an electric fire alarm system. —A fire department has been formed at Austin, Pa. Paul Costa is chief engineer. —At Lee,…

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