Issue 25 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY THE TWO PER CENT TAX BILL. (SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO FIRE AND WATER.) ALBANY, N. Y., May II.—The Governor to-day granted a second hearing to the representatives of the New York Fire Department and the Exempt Firemen’s Association in the matter of the Plunkett bill, extending the time for the payment of the two per cent tax on foreign insurance companies in New York city, so that the exempt fund might receive still further benefits. Edmund Stevenson, president of the Exempt Firemen’s Asscciation, favored the bill. He did not ask a charity, but he asserted as a right that the exempt fund should still be continued. He quoted the decis on of the Court of Appeals sustaining the fund. Governor Hill said: “I understand all that; the point is, how shall the fund be divided I” Mr. Stevenson gave statistics of the widows and disabled men who had been helped.…

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