Issue 26 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY THE THOMSON METER. CONTINUING our illustrations of the water meters under test at Boston, we to-day present cuts of that known as the Thomson meter.* In this appliance the displacement is positive, being effected by means of a combined piston and diaphragm. The inflowing current is alternately deflected to one side or the other of the piston and diaphragm, by means of a supplemental valve-piston coupled to a main-valve, and these in turn are governed by a pair of controlling valves actuated by the main piston. The valves are all of the piston type, suspended vertically. Upon reversIng the position of the controlling valves, the inlet is directed to one side or the other of the valve-piston, the outlet chamber being likewise connected with the other side. The main valve is then reversed by the action of the valve piston, the movement of which is arrested by causing it…

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