Issue 27 and Volume 1887 1.

WHAT OTHERS SAY. THE BUFFALO FIRE DRPARTMENT. IN view of the action taken by the State Board of Fire Underwriters at meetings held in New York May 3 and in this city yesterday, and in justice to the officers and members of this department, I ask that you allow me enough space in your journal to show your many readers of the hasty and unwarranted circulation of false charges against this department. The day following the meeting held in your city May 3, the Associated Press sent out the following, as the action of the State board, which was read all over the country: The New York State Association of Fire Insurance Agents met here to-day and discussed with the officers of the companies which they represent, the wretched condition of the Buffalo Fire Department, as regards its water facilities, its apparatus and its discipline. The Buffalo city authorities will…

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