Issue 28 and Volume 1887 1.

MISCELLANY THE UNITED STATES SUPPLY COMPANY’S AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS. WATCHFULNESS and a proper supply of fire apparatus in competent hands may prove of the greatest value in fighting fires, but in many cases are useless in dealing with incipient conflagrations. All effective fire fighting devices are based upon the principle that five minutes, when a fire breaks out, count for more than five hours at a subsequent period. The first automatic sprinklers used proved in many respects defective, and lime and the severe practical test to which they were continually subjected in many instances caused their rejection. The majority of them were so constructed that the fusible plug or disc, the melting of which released a shower of water, was placed in direct contact with the water in the pipes, and consequently a greater heat was required to melt it titan the initial fusion-point of the exposed metal would indicate, in…

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