Issue 29 and Volume 1887 1.

TOPICS OF THE DAY HUNGARY, which was recently so severely scourged by fire, seems now destined by some grim irony of fate to suffer equally from an excess of water. Vast tracts of land have during the past week been devastated by floods; towns have been submerged, numerous lives lost and great herds of cattle drowned. At last accounts it was estimated that fully 50,000 families had been ruined, and the distress was hourly growing. COL. GEO. E. WARING, C. E., of Newport is winning a national reputation as a designer of sewerage systems for cities and towns. Having finished plans for a system for San Diego, he visited the Pacific Coast recently, and while there was consulted by the authorities of a number of other towns which desired to avail themselves of his engineering skill, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Anna, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Fresno,…

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