Issue 30 and Volume 1887 1.

TOPICS OF THE DAY THE great danger of hollow iron fronts in the case of many buildings in the dry-goods district, is awakening much necessary attention among New York underwriters. We called attention to the perils arising from this form of construction many years ago, but the subject has received astonishingly little notice up to the present time. This method of building is fortunately not permitted by law now in this city, but a vast number of such buildings still exist and form a constant source of disquiet to the insurance fraternity, which now jealously watches the erection of similar structures elsewhere. RATS, paraffine and electricity among themselves caused a lively blaze in Pittsburgh last Friday. The wires behind the switchboard in the Western Union Telegraph office were insulated with linen thread coated with paraffine. The rats found this toothsome and ate it, leaving the wires bare, whereupon a fire…

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