Issue 5 and Volume 1887 2.

HUNGARY’S TRIAL BY WATER. A TELEGRAM from Szegedin to The London Daily News says: A carriage drive of nine hours to-day brought me into fresh scenes of misery and desolation. To the north of Mako, where the dikes stop the flood, matters are even worse than in the district to the south. The sealike expanse of water, which stretches away as far as the eye can follow, has a depth varying from nine to twenty-seven feet, and its level is not quite two feet from the top of the dike. The officers in command of the troops told me that yesterday when the gale was blowing with great violence they believed the dike was lost in one place where it is especially weak. The waves were gradually but surely breaking down the embankment. But hundreds of men at once set to work immediately to strengthen it by driving in piles…

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