Issue 15 and Volume 1887 2.

A RIVAL OF THE QUAKER BRIDGE DAM. THE problems which must be solved in building the proposed stone dam at Quaker bridge, which is to be 277 feet high and 1500 feet long, make any similar engineering work in this country of special interest to New Yorkers. Such a work on an enormous scale was recently begun near San Mateo, twenty miles from San Francisco. This is to be a concrete dam, the biggest one of the kind in the world, and is intended as a storage reservoir for the Spring Valley Water Company, which has supplied San Francisco with water for nearly thirty years. To explain the necessity for this large engineering work—which will be described in this letter—a brief sketch of the history of water-works in San Francisco is necessary. San Francisco, situated on the extreme point of a peninsula and cut off from freshwater supply by a…

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