Issue 15 and Volume 1887 2.

WATER SUPPLY. —Contractors and municipal officers will find it to their advantage to read the contracting intelligence in FIRE AND WATER every week. More items of interest to city and town authorities will be found in its columns than in any similar class paper published in the country. The subscription is only $3 per year, $1 for four months. —Hatfield, Kan., will sink an artesian well. —Benicia, Cal., wants a better water supply. —Water-works will be built at Napanee, Canada. —A boiling well has been discovered near Harlem, Ga. —Ennis, Tex., has voted to levy a tax for a water supply. —Thomas O’Connor will drill artesian wells at Victoria, l ex. —Milwaukee, Wis., will lay four additional blocks of water mains. —Winfield, Kan., will lay several additional miles of water mains. —Brockton, N. Y., is taking steps to secure a system of water works. —N. S. Collins will extend the…

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