Issue 18 and Volume 1887 2.

PAID AND VOLUNTEER DEPARTMENTS. IT is remarkable with what reluctance volunteer fire departments are given up, and how many objections are made to paid departments, when we consider how much better the latter are than the former in every case where they have been tried. Indeed, there is no comparison between the two systems, except we view them entirely from a sentimental standpoint. A volunteer fire department certainly beats none by long odds; but when any city attains a population of over 30,000, there can be no question as to the superiority of a paid brigade, and the quicker the change is made the better for all concerned. New Orleans and Baltimore have lately been going through a change from one to the other, and it is like the measles or the whooping-cough—the older the patient is when it is taken, the worse is the attack and the more difficult…

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