Issue 20 and Volume 1887 2.

CROCKER’S “TWIN” ROTARY PUMP. MISCELLANY THE accompanying cuts represent a pump for fire, suction or ordinary supply purposes, known as the Crocker “twin” rotary. This pump consists of two revolving pistons placed side by side within a case containing two abutments, situated at the top and rendered adjustable to the pistons by set and holding screws, which can be operated from without. The abutments being thereby under control can, when required, be adjusted close to the pistons and held firmly, independently of them, without detaching any portion of the pump or connections in the operation; the surface exposed to pressure is thus reduced to small area. The pistons have eight regular shaped teeth to each wheel, and it is claimed that the)’are so perfectly designed that they would perform their duties without the aid of auxiliary gears, and do not loose the fitting after a little use, but maintain the…

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