Issue 20 and Volume 1887 2.

WHAT OTHERS SAY THEATRE FIRES. SEE that the Polytechnic Section of the American Institute has appointed a committee to look into the causes of fires in theatres, and the best way to prevent or extinguish them. There are few subjects which arc more important to those dwelling in great cities, because, not only are theatres specially liable to catch fire, but when they have caught, they are specially likely to burn down; and in the act of burning down, there are lost, not only many thousands of dollars of property, but many valuable lives. In common with many others, I hail with delight the appointment of this committee, and shall watch with great attention and interest what it does and what it recommends. But as 1 learn that the work cut out for this committee is likely to take a good while to complete, and that the committee does not…

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