Issue 10 and Volume 1888 3.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. PETER SHORT is undoubtedly a brave man and a good fireman, but the courts have decided that he is not entitled to the rank of Battalion Chief, to which he was promoted when Assistant Chief John McCabe was forced out of the department in 1886, and which he was obliged to give up upon McCabe’s reinstatement last year by the decision of the Court of Appeals. The decision, by the way. gave to McCabe not only his old place, but pay for the time during which he had been unjustly kept out of it, and the other day he had the pleasant task of receipting for the City Chamberlain’s check for $3,131.31. TJIRE MARSHAL WHITCOMB of Boston has been recently T experimenting with rats and matches, shut up together in a cage, in order to ascertain whether they were likely to cause fires or not. In…

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